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03/20/2014 - 10:00pm - 10:29pm
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Bob enters a competition for the best looking building yard & gets things in order for the judges.
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Bob has entered a competition to see who has the best looking building yard and must get everything in order before the judges arrive. Meanwhile, Wendy is transforming an overgrown field into a soccer field! The team can't wait to play soccer, but will a few bad kicks ruin the soccer field? Will Bob's Building Yard win first prize in the contest? A heavy storm causes a lot of damage, bringing down trees, telephone poles and fences. Bob's in great demand but he can't be in two places at once. There are roads to clear, building to be done and animals to rescue, so Bob calls in his number one digger, Scoop. Will Scoop be able to get Bobsville up and running after the storm?