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04/10/2014 - 10:00pm - 10:29pm
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The team pulls together to rescue Bob when he is stuck on a clock tower. Spud does karate routines.
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Bob is doing some work on the clock tower when Lofty, frightened by a bat, knocks over the ladder, leaving Bob stranded on the scaffolding. To make things worse, Bob's mobile phone is on the ground! Then Muck a nd Scoop have a misunderstanding and both machines get completely lost ! Wendy organizes a rescue mission. Can the team pull together and res cue Bob? Also in this episode, Spud is worried that he is not scary an ymore, so Travis suggests he does one of his scary karate routines. Tr avis leaves and Spud launches into the routine, jumping around; he doe sn't notice when his nose drops off and falls into a mole hole! Dizzy and Muck arrive on the scene and Dizzy is the first to point out to th e mortified Spud that he is noseless. Will the can-do crew find Spud a new nose? Will Spud still be scary scarecrow?