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04/16/2014 - 2:00pm - 2:29pm
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The team must fix the barn before a storm makes it collapse and builds a tennis court for a match.
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A weather report forecasts a storm. It's harvest time and Farmer Pickl es is gathering hay in his field, but the barn where the hay is to be stored is about to collapse. Bob and team must fix the barn before the storm starts. Bob, Lofty and Scoop race against time to get Farmer Pi ckles' barn ready, while Muck helps Farmer Pickles load the hay onto a trailer. Will the can-do crew get the hay loaded in time? Also, Bob a nd the team are building a tennis court. Bob builds the umpire's seat and scoreboard at the Yard, while Wendy, Dizzy and Roley head off to l ay the asphalt surface. Dizzy pours the green mixture onto the court a nd Roley rolls it flat. But after some mix-ups with Travis and Spud, W endy and Scoop come back to find the court ruined! Will the team fix t he court in time for a tennis match?