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10/29/2014 - 2:00pm - 2:29pm
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Spud causes havoc with a model airplane and thinks a realistic model bug for a movie is real.
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Spud the Pilot - Bob is installing an antique fireplace for Mrs. Perci val. JJ was playing with his new remote-controlled model airplane, but lost it in a field. Spud finds it and causes havoc with the toy, but Bob helps patch things up again. First Aid Molly - Bob and the gang ar e replacing some old pipes outside the town hall. Molly is practicing for her first aid exam. When Wendy calls JJ's yard to order a special pipe, Molly offers to deliver it. On the way, she gets to practice her bandaging skills in unusual ways. Trix and the Bug - The Mayor decide s that the town needs a drive-in movie and Bob is asked to build it ou t in the countryside. The first film to be shown will be "The Invasion of the Giant Bug," and the film company sends a realistic looking mod el bug to help publicize the movie. Spud sees the bug and, thinking it 's real, runs away with Trix chasing him through town.