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12/11/2014 - 10:00pm - 10:29pm
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While Bob and the team begin building in Sunflower Valley, Muck and Spud get lost in the forest.
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It's the team's first full day in Sunflower Valley and the machines are all a bit nervous of the mammoth job ahead. All except for Muck who is determined to show that he's not a bit worried. Travis arrives with Bob's new mobile home, along with Stowaway Spud. Bob announces that the very first job in Sunflower Valley will be to build a hard standing to support the mobile home. It's getting dark and they have no electricity, so Muck volunteers to collect some firewood from the forest. Spud offers to help. With the building job underway, Muck and Spud venture further into the forest, collecting more and more wood until they realize that they are lost. Spud starts to panic and Muck wishes he hadn't pretended to be brave. Back at Bob's mobile home, the team finish the hard standing. They wonder where Muck and Spud have got to and decide to make a start on the fire with the wood they have to hand. Meanwhile, in the forest, Muck discovers his tracks in the ground. He realizes that he's found a way out of the forest! Muck and Spud finally arrive at the camp, and Spud is delighted to find Bob making some yummy toast on the roaring campfire. Muck is sorry that he pretended that he was so brave. Bob assures him that it's alright and they are all a little bit scared - but they are going to have lots of fun too!