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11/11/2015 - 8:00pm - 8:29pm
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Clifford allows his friends to use his favorite blanket, but he gets upset when they get it dirty.
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Cleo spies Clifford's favorite blanket--one he has had since he was a puppy--and proclaims it the perfect cape for Super T-bone. Clifford re luctantly allows his friends to use the blanket, if they promise to be very careful. The game turns rambunctious, the blanket gets dirty and Clifford gets upset. Cleo and T-bone realize that to be a good friend you should listen to and respect the wishes and property of others./ Vaz's big sister Teresa is home from college and ready to dig for dino saur bones & fossils on Birdwell Island! Who more perfect to help her dig than Clifford and his dog friends? Everybody has great luck diggin g up fossils that will complete a dinosaur skeleton that Teresa is pie cing together--everybody but T-bone that is. But by believing in himse lf, T-bone ultimately comes up with one of the most important bones ne eded to complete the job.