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05/22/2016 - 3:30am - 3:59am
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Clifford is fed up with being small. When Emily tells Clifford the story of Aladdin.
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Small Packages - At the Dog Run, Clifford can't wait to play with Jorge and the other dogs. But as they play, Clifford is constantly reminded of how small he is. When a ball lands on top of a bush, he needs Daffodil's help to get it down. When he can't make it over an obstacle course fence, Norville flies down to give him a boost. When Mrs. Z hands out biscuits, Clifford is crowded out, and only gets a biscuit because Jorge saves him one. Clifford is just fed up with being small. But his friends remind him that they, too, have their own idiosyncrasies to deal with - Jorge has an extra-long body, Norville has all those feathers, and Daffodil has her floppy ears. But, Clifford says, all those things are what make them what they are. And they point out that there are great things about being small, too, and that's what makes Clifford the special puppy that he is. Clifford's Magic Lamp - Emily Elizabeth has read Clifford the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and he can't wait to share it with his friends. Of course, Norville knows all about it - he even knows where to find the lamp! While he's off fetching it, Jorge, Daffodil, and Clifford imagine how they're going to spend their wishes. In the end, they all realize they already have everything they need.