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11/02/2015 - 3:00pm - 3:29pm
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The art of making canapes is showcased and custom cuff bracelets are made using the shape cutters.
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Dr. Charles Broz is an assistant Professor of Culinary Art, and he and one of his students will demonstrate the art of making canapes. Whether you call them canapes or appetizers, Dr. Broz believes they should reflect the over-all mood of the meal. Dr. Broz is employed by Eastern New Mexico University. Marisa Pawelko is a licensed designer for Sizzix, and she'll show how to create easy and fun custom cuff bracelets using the shape cutters from her collection. She'll also show a wide variety of materials including Rowlux and adhesive rhinestone sheets by The Buckle Boutique. Interior designer, Kimball Starr is going to explain the tools you can use to change how you perceive the shape of a room's interior. She'll also discuss lighting, pattern and color in a room's interior. Her business is Kimball Starr Interior Design.