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10/03/2015 - 10:00am - 10:29am
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Designer Barbara Crawford demonstrates some ways to texturize the surface of your fabric.
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Have you ever seen a technique that you wondered "How did they do that?" Barbara Crawford is a designer and owner of Crawford Designs, and she's going to demonstrate some ways to texturize the surface of your fabric, older clothing or newer clothing to add something special. Kris Wrede is an aromatic alchemist and natural perfumer, and her business is Kismet Potions. In the aromatic kitchen, Kris will show how to prepare unusual recipes using essential oils to make life more sensual and to help one appreciate the vibrancy of food. Interior designer, Kimball Starr will discuss and show basic colors of paint and explain the difference between warm and cool tones using paint chips and images of painted rooms. She'll discuss how colors affect us psychologically and tell what items to consider when choosing paint. Her company is Kimball Starr Interior Design.