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10/11/2014 - 10:00am - 10:29am
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Nancy Nix-Rice discusses choosing the right jewelry for body styles and different facial shapes.
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Usually women choose an item of jewelry just because it is pretty. Wardrobe consultant and author, Nancy Nix-Rice will explain the guidelines for choosing the right jewelry for each body style and different facial shapes. Her book is titled "Looking Good." Recent studies show that cat obesity has risen over 90 percent since 2007, and people are beginning to look at their pet food as the source of health problems. Will Post, founder of Hound & Gatos Pet Food Corp., will talk about five common cat health problems. Sara Robbins is the director of Dairy Confidence with DairyMax, and she says the unveiling of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans brought positive news and a strong affirmation for dairy and the role it plays in our diet. She'll explain more about this.