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09/08/2016 - 1:30pm - 1:59pm
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Travel along the Chilean/Argentine border and observe the glorious flight of the Andean condor.
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In this episode, host David Yetman and Argentine archeologist Maria Jose Figuerero make their way through the arid, desolate and windswept Patagonia landscape. The travelers make part of the trip on horseback along the Chilean/Argentine border, taking time to observe the glorious flight of the graceful Andean condor. They also stop in the city of Calafate, the gateway to Glacier National Park, and observe a local folklore performance group dancing and making music. The highlight of the trip is a close up look at the park's magnificent glaciers. Yetman and Figuerero also examine evidence of glacial movement over the landscape, inspect an ice cave and spy some glacial calving.