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09/18/2015 - 1:30pm - 1:59pm
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La Paz, Bolivia is one of the highest cities in the world and the home many religious beliefs.
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La Paz, Bolivia, at nearly 12,000 feet, is one of the highest cities in the world and the mystical home to a variety of religious beliefs as evidenced by the amulets and ceremonial items sold in the Witches' Market in the city center. The surrounding countryside holds the remains of the Tiahuanacos whose culture, impressive rockwork and irrigation accomplishments were a source of inspiration to the Incas. After exploring the archeological wonders of the area, take a side trip down the aptly-named "Most Dangerous Road in the World" - a narrow, precipitous dirt road that snakes its way along the sheer cliffs of the Andes. Then, it's off to Lake Titicaca to examine the traditional reed boats used to transfer stones across the lake for use at Tiahuanaco. Finally, hop on a more modern vessel to visit Isla del Sol, the legendary birthplace of the sun and the Grand Inca and home to the mysterious Temple of the Sun - said to be the origin of the Incas.