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10/02/2015 - 1:30pm - 1:59pm
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Travel through Colca Canyon and explore the history and ritualistic significance of Andean Condors.
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Travel through Peru's Colca Canyon - at 12,000 feet one of the tallest and deepest canyons in the world - in search of Andean Condors, massive birds with wingspans more than 11 feet wide. Explore the natural history of these graceful creatures and learn their ritualistic significance to the native people of the area. Along the way through the canyon, examine the terraced farming that is a result of pre-Incan engineering sophistication. See how the native people still live pretty much the same way as they did before the arrival of the Incans. Learn how the fruit of the huge sancayo cactus is harvested and enjoy a traditional lunch with a group of workers taking a break from their potato harvesting. Then take a look at how the plowshare and oxen are still used in the harvesting process. Finally, admire a colorful field of ripening quinoa and visit a pair of women winnowing the essential Andean crop.