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11/16/2015 - 11:30pm - 11:59pm
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800,000 acres of former cattle ranch has become biodiversity conservation & an ecological jewel.
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When the Australian Wildlife Conservancy bought over 800,000 acres of a former cattle ranch for biodiversity conservation it created an ecological jewel that now attracts scientists from all over the world. The Desert Speaks heads down under to investigate the area that hopes to prove that aggressive management based on nature can restore the land. Host David Yetman hops on a plane to navigate his way into the former ranch known as Mornington Station. During this trip, Yetman ventures close to prime bird watching sites that are home to some extraordinary and endangered granivorous birds, searches the landscape for wallaroos and examines the Spinifex grass plains that provide shelter, protection and food for many creatures. Also in this episode is a helicopter excursion that offers a bird's eye view of the land that features wallabies, kangaroos, wild horses and other local wildlife.