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11/29/2015 - 4:00pm - 4:44pm
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A relatively small desert, the Judean desert has breathtaking views and an incredible history.
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A relatively small desert, the Judean desert is full of breathtaking views and has an incredible history that in turn has shaped the cultural history of mankind, and given birth to the religions of Judaism and Christianity. The expanse of the desert is crossed by several rivers that have created deep canyons. Some of these rivers have water all year round and create vibrant oases in the midst of the sand. The ancient cliffs on the eastern edge of the desert tower above the shore of the Dead Sea. This is the landscape of spiritual discovery and testing of the soul. The rugged landscape has provided isolation and refuge for cities, rebels, monks, and Biblical figures throughout history. The Judean Desert is also home to two spectacular nature reserves, Einot Tsukim and En Gedi, where fresh water sources allow a wide variety of plant and animal species to thrive side by side. The remains of a Jewish settlement show how the inhabitants used the fresh water to irrigate their cultivated terraces, producing dates and balsam, a plant from which a costly perfume was produced.