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10/07/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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German photographer Heiner Muller-Elsner works with drone cameras to get high shots of monuments.
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Drone Photography - German photographer Heiner Muller-Elsner works with drone cameras to get really high-up shots of monuments. He tells us about the thrill of getting all the details up close in his latest monumental photo series. One example is the monument to Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of the German Empire, which towers 34 meters above the city of Hamburg. Crowdfunding Stories - Crowdfunding is a great alternative to getting financial support for an idea when the banks won't bite. We look at a few success stories, including Nikolei Wied's "The Dash". It's an earphone that works as a fitness computer, providing the wearer with information on his/her body's performance. Nikolaj Hviid now has the most successful crowdfunding project in Europe. Doggie Magician Jose Ahonen - Ahonen recently had some dogs in the audience watching him do tricks which then inspried him to come up with an act to confound pooches, too. He put it on YouTube and it went viral overnight. Now many millions have watched it. We meet magic man Ahonen and find out about another project he has in cooperation with man's best friend. Sherry from Jerez - Jerez has double reason to celebrate in 2014. It's the city's 750th anniversary and Jerez is also Europe's wine town of the year. Jerez was where sherry was invented by fortifying wine with brandy. Women in Formula 1 - Formula 1racing is still really a man's world, but more and more women are filling important positions in the world's most successful racing series: either team bosses such as Claire Williams or as technicians. Now, for the first time in 22 years, a woman is also behind the wheel - Susie Wolff from Scotland.