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08/18/2014 - 5:30pm - 5:59pm
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Swimwear fashions for men in Spain and luxury globes from London are highlighted.
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Men's Swimwear - This year's hottest swimwear fashions for men. We check out the latest trends in Spain. Reviving Penmanship - Handwritten texts are experiencing a boom. A Berlin startup offers invitations, cards and love letters written by hand: its more personal and original. And calligraphers who copy famous people's handwriting or important documents are more in demand than ever. Luxury Globes from London - Peter Bellerby produces exquisite handmade globes in his workshop in the north of London. They range in price from 1,200 all the way to 64,000 Euros. He started making them 6 years ago, and in the meantime has customers worldwide, from Japan to Brazil. Berlin's Teufelsberg - We pay a visit to a large Berlin hill that was built with WWII rubble. It is famous for its old radar station that was used to monitor air space by the occupying US troops before the fall of the wall. Now it is a favorite spot for photographers and street artists. Flying Pianist Stefan Aaron - Pianist Stefan Aaron likes to play at unusual outdoor locations. He recently caused a stir at Munich airport - performing on a flying carpet.