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09/30/2014 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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Italian vintner Josko Gravner and the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland are featured.
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"Orange" Wines - Italian vintner Josko Gravner specializes in making "orange wine". He went back to basics and has spent several years perfecting an old fermentation technique which uses traditional Ribolla Gialla white grapes and fermenting them without removing the skin. Hence the unusual color. The Italian term is "Vini Naturali", or natural wine. Air Guitar World Championships in Finland - Alone on stage without a band, only an imaginary guitar: The best of the best air guitarists meet each year in Oulu in northern Finland for the world championships. This year, Sabrina Schramm - aka "Lady Liberty" - was there to mime for Germany. "Bodies in Urban Spaces" - Dancers in colorful tracksuits suddenly coalesce into body sculptures - jamming themselves in gaps between houses or wrapping themselves around street lights. "Bodies in Urban Spaces" is Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner's long-running project. This time his team is shaking up the Swiss city of Biel as part of the "Le Mouvement" performance art festival. The Greek Island of Rhodes - Rhodes is one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean but it offers more than just glorious beached. The walls of its main city, Rhodos, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the tiny picturesque village of Lindos has its own Acropolis. Mons Shows Its Artistic Side - In 2015 the Belgian city of Mons will be a European Capital of Culture. Mons is already working on one of its projects which will appear like a street view of Google maps but with the help of locals, the shots of the city carry a comical and artistic theme. We get an online view of it all and meet its developer.