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10/13/2015 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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The French city of Nice offers beautiful beaches, world-renowned art museums and delicious food.
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Haute Couture on Four Wheels - Car design is following fashion's lead. Colors and cuts from the latest collections can also been seen off the cat walk at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Demure Dirndls - If you're thinking of getting a dirndl dress that's at the height of this year's fashion, here's what you should be looking out for. In past years dirndls were colorful and unconventional but now the trend is going back to a more demure look. The French city of Nice - Nice in Southern France offers everything that the French Riviera stands for: mild climate, beautiful beaches, world-renowned art museums and delicious food. Annually 3.5 million tourists visit the city to get a taste of the Cote d'Azur. Changing Society - There are fundamental changes occurring in our society at the moment. People are coming together through car sharing, group vacations and the new trend of dinner dates with strangers. Beer Sommelier - The maestro of beer isn't from Germany. Ironically he comes from an Italian wine region. But Simonmattia Riva proves that the Germans aren't the only experts on beer.