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10/21/2013 - 5:30pm - 5:59pm
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Three women who work at the Oktoberfest in Munich and as fairground ride operators are profiled.
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Fun of the Fair - We profile three different women who work at the Oktoberfest in Munich and are all experienced fairground ride operators. * Food Artist Ida Skivenes - Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes has published a book about her breakfast artworks. It goes on sale in English on October 13. Model Eveline Hall - Eveline Hall is a sought-after model at the age of 67. She's been an actress, a ballerina and a Las Vegas showgirl - and only started modeling a few years ago. Now she's published an autobiography. Street Food - Foodies have smelled it coming for some time now - as the grassroots food revolution that's already swept the the UK comes to Germany. Street food much like you'd find in Asia or Africa has expanded the good old fashioned fish and chips stand to include the bahn mi stall, the roti cart and the tortilla truck - to name just a few. The Russian Czars - The Romanov dynasty was founded four hundred years ago. We visit a special exhibition in Moscow and look back at the history of this famous family.