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10/28/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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The world famous Rock of Gibraltar and the World Living Statues Festival are highlighted.
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Monkeybusiness in Gibraltar - Located in the Mediterranean this charming disputed British overseas territory is where both man and monkeys make their home along the world famous rock. Millions of tourists annually visit the less than three square mile area on the peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean, both above and below the ground located near the African coast. Living Statues - The tenth World Living Statues Festival was staged in the Dutch city of Arnhem this weekend. We met up with participant Patrick von Horne from Belgium. Jean Paul Gaultier Last Show in Paris - Gaultier has been designing pret-a-porter collections for almost 40 years. Now he wants to concentrate solely on haute couture. David Chipperfield's Latest Project - David Chipperfield is one of the world's most acclaimed architects. His best-known work includes the renovation of the Neues Museum in the German capital and he's currently working on another landmark Berlin gallery, the Neue Nationalgalerie. Oversized Jewelry - Nicola Malkin's hand-crafted charms are too big to fit in a jewelry box but are works of art onto themselves. The British artist specializes in larger than life ceramics - some of which have been displayed in top notch museums. We went to visit her at her atelier to find out more.