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11/18/2014 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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The Museum of London has dedicated an exhibition to the popular super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.
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Sherlock Holmes - The Ever-Popular Super Sleuth Pipe, cap and cape - that's how Sherlock Holmes is always depicted. And there are many more well-known cliches. After over 120 years, the fictional detective is as fascinating as ever. The Museum of London has dedicated an exhibition to this urban legend who first appeared in print in 1887, conceived by author Arthur Conan Doyle. "Eagle-TV" - The World From Above Sea eagle Victor has come a long way since his life in a zoo, thanks to falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers who runs an animal sanctuary for injured birds of prey on Lake Geneva. Once a caged bird that had never flown, Victor now literally films the world from a birds-eye view, with a small camera strapped to his back. Soon he will even star in his own bio-pic "Freedom". Amsterdam's Night Mayor - We meet Mirik Milan, Amsterdam's official Night Mayor, on one of his regular "patrols". Milan, who was reelected to the post in September, does this three nights a week, as he meets local club, pub and restaurant owners to smooth out any differences they may have with City Hall and the public. 100 Years of Leica Photography - The exhibition Eyes Wide Open illuminates many aspects of recent small-format photography, with some 500 works. In 1914 Oskar Barnack completed the first functional model of a small-format camera. The fact that it could easily be carried in a coat pocket revolutionized photography, making it accessible to professionals and amateurs alike. Showtime for "The Wyld - Out of This World" - It's opening night at the Friedrichsstadt-Palast. After two years of relentless preparations and rehearsals the new show - costing 10 million Euros - "The Wyld - Out of This World" is finally holding its world premiere. The red carpet is rolled out and the performance is sold out, but will all the hard work pay off?