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11/17/2013 - 6:30pm - 6:59pm
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The works of Irish author Cecelia Ahern and her latest book "How to Fall in Love" are highlighted.
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Cecelia Ahern's Latest Book - We report on the works of Irish author Cecelia Ahern. The writer will soon be going on a literary tour here in Germany to promote her latest book. It's her tenth novel and called How to Fall in Love. Cartoon Artist Didier Conrad - We report on the new illustrator for the famous Asterix and Obelix comics. The latest Asterix adventure takes our heroes to Scotland. Ylvis - What does the Fox say? We meet two brothers who are superstars in their native Norway. Now they've also become an international sensation, thanks to a music video they produced for their own TV show. What does the Fox say? has already seen more than 150 million online hits. New Berlin Souvenirs - We report on a competition to find the best new Berlin souvenirs. Some 700 designers entered the competition. Filming Using Drones - Unmanned aircraft - otherwise known as drones - aren't always used for military purposes. Now small remote-controlled aircraft with cameras attached are being used to capture difficult shots from above or in tight spaces.