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10/03/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Over a thousand refugees have gathered in the port of Calais and the situation is getting critical.
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France: Refugees in Calais - Over a thousand refugees have gathered in the port of Calais. The situation is getting critical. They live in occupied buildings and emergency shelters. The local residents are protesting and calling on the government to take action. Refugees hoping to make it across the English Channel often get stuck in Calais on France's northern coast. The entire port area is surrounded by high fences to keep them from making a dash for ferries bound for Britain. Recently eighty refugees stormed the port in an attempt to stow away on board a ferry headed across the Channel. Albania: No Girls Allowed - Pregnant Albanian women have been aborting unborn baby girls. Albania's traditional family structures place a premium on male off-spring, and today's medical technology can tell parents the gender of an unborn baby well in advance. Albanian law prohibits abortions after the first trimester of pregnancy, but that doesn't deter some parents, if they find they're expecting a girl. The authorities have been turning a blind eye. Recently, the director of the largest maternity clinic in the capital Tirana revealed that 112 boys are born for every 100 girls. Romania: Missiles for Progress - The United States Department of Defense is installing a missile defense system in Romania. Russia sees it as a threat, as it includes missiles that could be aimed towards the east. But the villagers in Deveselu see it as a potential windfall. The 3000 local residents and their mayor are hoping the Americans will bring investment and modernization to their community. Deveselu is to be connected to the regional sewer systems and get paved streets, a modern day-care center, and its own academic secondary school. Moscow has been eying developments with suspicion. For years, NATO has given assurances that the defense system is not directed against Russia. But since Russian president Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea, relations between Moscow and the NATO members have cooled significantly. Belgium: The Suspect in the Jewish Museum Attack - The accused perpetrator of the attack on Brussels' Jewish Museum is in custody, charged with killing four people on 24 May, 2014. The French citizen of Algerian origin was arrested during spot checks for smuggled narcotics at Marseille's central bus station. 29-year-old Mehdi Nemmouche faces charges of "murder in a terrorist context". The accused fits the profile of a jihadist. In 2013, he joined Islamist terrorists in Syria. Four French reporters who had been held as hostages in Syria until April have identified Nemmouche as one of their tormenters. Poland: German with Marlene - The number of Poles learning German is declining. As a consequence, many German teachers have already lost their jobs. One out-of-work teacher tackled the problem with creativity. Marlena Uzieblo has been criss-crossing Poland, singing chansons by the legendary Marlene Dietrich. For years, she and her Blue Angel Band have been appearing on stage, and she's come to bear a striking resemblance to the original. Marlena's mission remains to familiarize her audience with the German language.