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09/19/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Surveys show growing approval for Scottish independence and many in Britain view that with concern.
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Scotland: Yes or No? - The United Kingdom might soon be history. Latest surveys indicate growing approval for Scottish independence. Many people in Britain view that with concern. Shortly before the referendum, the Scottish National Party is flexing its muscles for a possible victory pose. Its leader Alex Salmond promises to free Scotland from the English Tory yoke. His calculations seem to be paying off. Many Scots feel they're being fleeced by London and no longer want to share the profits from their North Sea oil reserves with the rest of the UK. Sweden: Far Right Hopes for Power - The right-wing populist, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats want to increase their power in parliament. The party got ten percent of the votes in the European elections. Its vigor is shocking Swedes. Liberals see the Sweden Democrats, with their neo-Nazi roots, as a real danger, and are organizing counter-demonstrations. The Sweden Democrats first made it into the parliament in Stockholm in 2010. Now the radical right-wing party wants to move away from that image and acquire more mainstream appeal. But insiders consider that a ruse. Belgium: Fragile Peace - In Antwerp, one of the largest Jewish communities lives peacefully with its Muslim neighbors. The war in the Gaza Strip has not yet spread to the religious communities in Belgium. During the Gaza War of 2008-09 there were riots and attacks on Jewish residents in Antwerp. This summer's conflict in Gaza was even more brutal, but this time the Belgian city has remained surprisingly quiet. Jews, Muslims and Christians have been working intensely for several years to keep channels of communication open. But alongside the good will there is also blatant hatred and fear of new conflicts. Czech Republic: Bohemian Lions - An animal lover is keeping two circus lions he's rescued on his run-down farm. Ever since the lions arrived, the small Czech town of Humpolec has been in a state of alarm. Ladislav Vana loves animals so much that he's turned his home into a private zoo and shelter. Some 100 animals of all kinds have lived here for years in spartan conditions. But two young lions are the last straw for his neighbors. They're up in arms and fear for their safety. The veterinary authority sees no reason to interfere, saying ultimately the owner is liable for his animals. France: Presidential Holiday Home - Perched atop a small, secluded island in the Mediterranean, the Fort de Bregancon has been the official summer residence of French presidents for decades. Now ordinary holiday-makers can also come here, though only as sightseers. Georges Pompidou, Valerie Giscard d´Estaing and Francois Mitterand spent their summers here. The current head of state, Francois Hollande, has now opened the fort overlooking the Mediterranean to the public - and tourists are flocking to see it.