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10/15/2013 - 10:30pm - 10:59pm
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In Detroit, Michigan during the great depression, Dave Moore was a hungry young black man without work. In 1932 when over three thousand people protested against the Ford Motor Company to appeal for jobs, Dave Moore marched with them and witnessed the brutality that caused five deaths. Dave continued to suffer through the depression until he joined the Civilian Conversation Corps and was sent to serve at Camp Baldwin, Michigan. Later Dave landed a prized job in the foundry with Ford Motors. Dave Moore never forgot the Hunger March experience that inspired him to help organize the workers of the auto industry. He held many positions in the UAW and other organizations. When he retired in 1994 he was the Director of the Senior Citizens Department for the City of Detroit. At age 96, Mr. Moore continued to organize, educate and advocate for workers rights until he died on November 1, 2009.