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09/04/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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"Passing the GED Reading Test" is the first in five episodes that prep ares the student for the GED Language Arts Reading test. The program e xplains the four areas of reading material that the upcoming episodes will cover (nonfiction, fiction, drama, and poetry) and also familiari zes the student with the test itself: what kinds of questions are aske d and what the student needs to know. The program uses sample passages to cover the different types of questions that the student will be as ked. They are: comprehension questions-figuring out what the text says and forming a conclusion; analysis questions-taking a look at the det ail of the passage and making a decision about why it's there; applica tion questions-taking something that's already been read and applying it to a slightly different context; and synthesis questions-putting it all together. GED teachers, English teachers, and writers all appear as guests in this episode.