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09/06/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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This episode of GED Connection talks about the elements of fiction you need to look for when you read. Fiction is a story that the writer ha s made up and the GED test has passages from both contemporary and cla ssic works of fiction. This program discusses ways to analyze fiction and says that a good way to start doing that is to react to a story in light of your own experiences. Every work of fiction has characters, a plot, and a setting. Another element found in fiction is conflict. C onflict involves come sort of tension or struggle and can be internal or external. In fiction, plot, character, and conflict help reveal the theme or message of a story. The program also discusses point of view , that knowing the perspective from which a story is told determines w hat kind of information we get as readers. In fiction it is important to recognize what type of narration is used and if the passage conveys some sort of feeling or attitude. This feeling or attitude is called tone, whereas the personality of the piece is called style and has to do with the kind of story the author is writing. The student is remind ed that the best way to prepare for this portion of the test is to rea d a variety of fiction.