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09/26/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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This program is the first of 13 episodes on math skills for students p reparing for the GED exam. As such, it covers general math-related top ics the exam addresses, and helps students understand how the math por tion of the exam is structured. The program consists of an in-studio h ost and video excerpts of GED students, instructors and testing expert s offering their perspectives. Several tips are offered including reph rasing word problems so you understand what is being asked. Recognize the functions implied by the words sum, difference, product, and quoti ent. Students must demonstrate ability to work with whole numbers, fra ctions, decimals. They must know multiplication tables, recognize symb ols such as square roots and exponents, solve basic equations, and set up problems without having to solve them. Math subject areas covered on exam include basic operations, measurements in geometry, data analy sis and probability, and algebra. The program also shows key functions of calculator that is provided to test takers. Also covered is how to record answers for the 3 types of questions: multiple choice, chartin g on coordinate plane grid, and entering fractions and decimals.