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11/18/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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This program underscores how chemistry affects all aspects of life. Se veral expert guests discuss chemistry terms and concepts in various ap plications. A glass blower discusses the three states of matter - soli d, liquid, and gas - and how heat can transform one to another. Matter is grouped into elements, mixtures, and compounds. Elements are compo sed of protons and neutrons in nucleus, as well as electrons. Compound s are two or more elements in specific proportions that have been chem ically combined. Mixtures combine elements or compounds in any amounts . A cook demonstrates how heating sugar until it becomes caramel chang es one compound into another. The program shows a scientist studying t he chemical structure of plants in order to improve the strength of lu mber. Two Test Connection segments feature the host reviewing previous concepts, including the difference between mixtures and compounds, an d the arrangement of the periodic table of elements based on atomic nu mber.