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10/16/2014 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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Topics include protecting the rainforests and biodiversity of Peru and urbanization in China.
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Protecting the Rain forests and Biodiversity of Peru - The Manú National Park in southeastern Peru is vast and remote. It stretches from the Andes into the Amazon basin. The biodiversity is immense. The area is also home to indigenous peoples such as the Machiguenga. A project run by the Frankfurt Zoological Society seeks to engage the residents of the park in contributing to the maintenance of the ecosystem and its biodiversity. Urbanization in China - The Chinese government is encouraging rural villagers to move to the city. Life in poor remote mountainous regions of China is harsh. Farming is hard work, the yields are often meagre. Many villages have no running water or electricity. Many villagers hope for a better life in a big city. Chashan is a remote village in the mountains of Guizhou province. We accompany the Long family as it makes the transition. They give up farming to find work and a to get a better education for their grandchildren in the city of Liping. Witchhunts in the 21st Century in Papua New Guinea - Many people here still believe in sorcery. They think sorcerers and witches are real. Many women are accused of witchcraft and are attacked and even killed. Hundreds are tortured to death each year. A few courageous women are speaking out and confronting men who abuse and kill alleged witches. Global Questionnaire - Ethiopia Abrahim Yusuf studies computer science and works as a tourist guide at the Blue Nile Waterfalls. He is hoping to one day open an internet cafe in Barda, a town that attracts lots of tourists.