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11/05/2015 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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Conservation in the Caribbean is discussed. Bloggers combat religious extremists in Bangladesh.
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Saving the Narrows: Conservation in the Caribbean - St. Kitts and Nevis are less than four kilometers apart - but that proximity brings potential for conflict. The narrow stretch of water is crossed every day by fishing boots, water taxis, cruise ships and local ferries, but is also home to a breeding ground for turtles, sea snails and giant grouper fish. The Nature Conservancy wants to have the area placed under special protection with financial support from Germany's International Climate Initiative. The aim is to set up a "no-take zone" in which fishing is prohibited. Bangladesh: Bloggers combating religious extremists - Parvez Alam does what a lot of people of his generation do across the world. He's a blogger. He writes about religion and violence. He receives threats from Islamic extremists on an almost daily basis since his name is included on a hit list of 84 bloggers targeted by Islamist extremists. Their alleged crime? They are accused of being atheists. This year has seen a spate of brutal murders targeting well-known bloggers in Bangladesh. Millennium Teen: Dang Van Trinh from Vietnam - Dang Van Trinh lives in Hue, the old imperial capital of Vietnam. He is career-oriented, and involved in the both the Red Cross and the boy scouts association. But he also plays games online. His favorite is League of Legends, one of the best-known games worldwide. Trinh wants to travel to England one day. Mexico: Education for all - Social entrepreneur Mois Cherem - Young people in Mexico who do not come from wealthy families have poor opportunities when it comes to education. Only one in four pupils complete high school, and just 13 percent of the population graduate from college. Mois Cherem wants to change that by offering everybody access to modern technology and education, regardless of whether they can afford it. His company, Enova, is setting up educational centers across the country.