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11/06/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Invasive species and overfishing threaten the biodiversity in Gokova Bay in southwestern Turkey.
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Turkey: Threats to Marine Biodiversity - Gokova Bay in southwestern Turkey is renowned for its marine biodiversity, but this is now under threat from invasive species and overfishing. The Mediterranean Conservation Society is a Turkish NGO which aims to conserve natural habitats and restore degraded coastal ecosystems in Turkey. Now, swathes of Gokova Bay have been turned into protected areas where fishing is banned. Fiji: Peer Control of Papaya Farms - In many developing countries and emerging nations farmers are finding that there's money to be made from going organic. But the main obstacle they face is securing organic certification, which can prove costly. Now that Participatory Guarantee Systems are officially recognized as organic certification in over 20 countries worldwide, peer review committees consisting of members from local groups are responsible for monitoring and inspecting the fields of the farmers in the group. Info-film: How harmful to the climate is transporting food by air? Importing food from overseas leaves a shocking carbon footprint. Global Snack: Churrasco from Argentina - Argentinians love to eat meat, and that's good news for snackbar owner Sandra Sanchez. Her speciality is Churrasco. Sandra Sanchez's grill stand can be found on the Costanera Sur on the east side of the district of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. Kenya: Transforming Lives with Social Lending - More than 380 million people in Africa don't have bank accounts and therefore can't take out loans. Danish entrepreneur Mads Kjaer founded a social lending platform that matches people who need money with people who want to lend it. The online marketplace MYC4 was founded in 2006. It allows investors to lend directly to small businesses in Africa.