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08/20/2015 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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Saving the Cape parrots in South Africa and the Treasure Island curse in Indonesia are discussed.
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South Africa: Saving the Cape Parrots - There are only a thousand or so Cape parrots left. The species is in danger of extinction. The Cape Parrot Project wants to ensure its future. Biologist Steve Boyes runs the project. He and his team nurse sick parrots back to health and are planting up to a million yellowwood trees to restore the birds' decimated natural habitat. The fruit of the yellowwood is also the perfect food for the birds and even contains agents that protect it from the highly contagious Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. Indonesia: The Curse of Treasure Island - Bangka is an island rich in a valuable natural resource, tin, and that is why it is being destroyed. Tin has many uses. It is to be found in cans, smartphones, and computers. Mining began thirteen years ago on Banka. Much of the mining is illegal, ignores environmental-protection regulations and worker-protection laws. The forests have been cut down, children labor is prevalent and many miners suffer workplace injuries. But the depredation and exploitation continues, because the world demands more and more tin. It is to be found in every telephone and every computer. Morocco: Women Get Together to Sell Argan Oil - Berber women in Morocco have used argan oil for centuries to care for their skin, hair and nails. Pressing the oil has always been women's work. Now women are starting to market it themselves as well. A Berber businesswoman has helped women in a number of villagers establish co-operatives to make and sell the oil; they are also setting up a global distribution network. Now, the women often earn more than their husbands. They can pay for their children's education and hire teachers for themselves. Global Living Room: Sao Paulo, Brazil - We visit Edmilson Felix de Lima. He is manager of a high-rise designed by the illustrious Oscar Niemeyer. The view from the roof terrace is glorious, but his apartment is none too big.