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10/25/2013 - 6:00pm - 6:29pm
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Topics include rain forest and climate protection in the Congo basin and malnutrition in Laos.
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Rain Forest and Climate Protection in the Congo Basin - The climate of central Africa is determined in the seemingly endless forests of the Congo Basin. The region in the heart of Africa has been called the earth's second-largest green lung, after the Amazon. Sangha Tri-national is a joint conservation and park complex monitored by Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo. It's an attempt to preserve as much nature as possible for both humans and animals. Patrols pursue poachers and protect tree stocks. There are also plans to extend the infrastructure for sustainable tourism. Malnutrition in Laos - 80% of meals in Laos consist of rice, which is rich in calories but poor in nutrients. This one-sided diet creates a lack of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy development. It affects children the most. A third of Laotian children suffer from malnutrition. Education and prevention are the aim of an international health program funded by the United Nations and the European Union. Questionnaire: Giovanni Blanchietti Lorenzo from Italy - Giovanni Blanchietti Lorenzo is 60 years old and lives on Alicudi, an island in the province of Messina. He provides tourist accommodation, loves good food and wants to live to be 200. The island is part of the Aeolian archipelago, north of Sicily. Brazilians Protest against Police Violence - In the next three years, Brazil will be hosting two of the world's biggest sports events: the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games. With its economy strengthening, the country is making an effort to get domestic development kick-started. Millions are being invested in infrastructure and the poor areas of the major cities. Like many other disadvantaged areas, the favela of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro is now patrolled by the UPP, the Police Pacification Units. Despite the security they are supposed to provide, a married father of six recently simply disappeared. The residents of Rocinha blame the police for his disappearance, saying violence has returned and demanding to know the man's whereabouts at their demonstrations.