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11/27/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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More than 300 bird species are endemic to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia.
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Colombia: private protected areas for rare birds - The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range on the Colombian Caribbean coast, is a natural treasure trove. There is scarcely a larger concentration of rare plant and animal species in the world. 50 wing beats a second - that's how much a hummingbird needs to hover in the air. In addition to the tiny nectar-hunters, more than 300 bird species are endemic to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Global 3000 visited this cloud forest paradise in Colombia to see just how it's being protected. The conservationists from the ProAves Foundation have established a large private bird reserve about 1000 hectares in area. Their special focus is preserving the Santa Marta parakeet, which is threatened with extinction. With reforestation, artificial nest boxes and educating the local population, the bird-lovers have already achieved their first success. Panama: Global Shapers: a commitment to education and health - In Panama, as elsewhere, there are young people dedicated to creating a better society. They've joined Global Shapers, a worldwide network under the auspices of the World Economic Forum. Gabriel Rebollon is a doctor at Panama City's medical center. In his free time he organizes blood donation campaigns, so that less well-off people in the barrios outside Panama City can get access to transfusions. Franklin Morales is actually a marketing director in a large law firm, but these days he's spending a great deal of time holding workshops to teach students in schools how to organize and structure their own education. Questionnaire: Jamal Chamed - Jamal Chamed Odul is 51 and lives in northern Lebanon, 30 kilometers from Tripoli. He's a farmer and horsebreeder. His stud farm has been in the family for about 300 years. He's happy when everyone is happy - both family and neighbors. Odul was 14 years old when civil war broke out in Lebanon, and he points out that people in this region can no longer lead normal lives. Malawi: African Stories: the goal of better education - Soccer is his greatest love. And Jabbes Chokhotho, from the outskirts of Blantyre, is really on the ball. He lives in a disadvantaged district, almost a ghetto. But now the game has transformed his life. "Play Soccer Malawi" is a local initiative whose sponsors include the international football organization FIFA and the country's national organization. The American NGO is 15 years old and active in seven countries in western and southern Africa. Some 400 children from around southern Malawi's commercial capital Blantyre are receiving coaching. Jabbes is already in the second phase and now attending secondary school thanks to the organization.