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12/04/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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The Prunus Africana, also known as Red Stinkwood or Muiri, is a miracle of natural medicine.
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Honduras: The Perilous Road to Freedom - There's no end in sight to the flow of Honduras immigrants illegally entering the United States. Most are children and young people trying to escape violence and social misery at home. Those who get caught are generally sent back to their home towns - San Pedro Sula, for instance. But most of them arrive deeply in debt with no home to go back to. Many are afraid to show themselves in their own villages. They rarely stay long. Soon they're likely to set off again, making their way through Guatemala and Mexico, toward the USA. Prunus Africana: a Tree of Life - The Prunus Africana, also known as Red Stinkwood or Muiri, is a miracle of natural medicine. Traditional healers in Kenya use its bark to make remedies for a broad range of disorders. Its proven effectiveness against prostate cancer has won the interest of European pharmaceutical companies. Improper methods of harvesting the bark and illegal logging, however, have made it an endangered species. USA: California's Water Shortage - For three years running, California has come up short of the rainfall it needs - a disaster for both man and nature. Many farmers' fields lie barren and desiccated. Jobs in agriculture are drying up, as well. Now, the water supply for private households is in danger. Wells are running dry. Residents barely have enough water to wash or shower, never mind water their yards and gardens. In rural areas, local fire departments set up pumping stations in the centers of towns and villages to supply water to as many as 500 people in a day. "With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate" - India: Abhijit Banerjee - Re-thinking Development Programs Abhijit Banerjee is an economist from Calcutta, and he's calling for a new form of development aid. He used the kind of randomized testing known from medical research, and the results cast doubt on some of the conventional wisdom of fighting poverty. It seems the desire for consumer goods can sometimes outweigh considerations about physical health and adequate food supplies.