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06/08/2015 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Conservationists are seeking to revitalize the complex ecosystem of Argentina's grasslands.
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South Sudan: The Failed State - More than two million people in South Sudan have fled their homes. Many face the threat of hunger and untold suffering. The United Nations is doing what it can to help. But can the world body solve South Sudan's problems? 70,000 people have taken refuge at the Bentiu UN camp to escape the fighting between government forces and the rebels. The conflict has descended into a fight between two ethnic groups: the Nuer and the Dinka. The hatred and violence have spiraled out of control. Argentina: Protecting the Pampas - Intensive farming and monocultures have significantly degraded the soil in Argentina's traditionally fertile Pampas region. Now with the help of local cattle farmers, or gauchos, conservationists are seeking to revitalize the complex ecosystem. The environmental organization "Aves Argentinas" is breathing new life into Argentina's grasslands. And it's boosting public enthusiasm for the project by offering bird-watching trips and riding tours in the vast open landscape. Panama: Electricity at the Expense of Indigenous Peoples - A subsidiary of Germany's government-owned development bank is funding the building of a hydroelectric dam in Panama. It is set to flood parts of an autonomous territory inhabited by indigenous people - they are calling for an immediate end to the project. Since the start of construction, local people have been out protesting. Now the dam is 95 percent complete - thanks to German money. The DEG, a subsidiary of Germany's KfW bank, granted a loan of over 25 million US dollars. But a commission set up by the bank itself to investigate the project found it repeatedly contravened its own standards in approving the loan. Questionnaire Fiji: Salote Cina - Salote Cina has worked as a diving instructor for 16 years on the small island of Nukubati in northern Fiji. The island is a private resort. Divers come here from all over the world to marvel at the Great Sea Reef.