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01/08/2015 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Luxembourg revamps its image after a tax avoidance scandal. Potato Soup is showcased in Peru.
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Luxembourg: The Tax Haven Revamps its Image - The Grand Duchy recently hit the headlines for rubber stamping tax avoidance on an industrial scale. Luxembourg is worried that the scandal will scare off global investors and is doing its utmost to hold on to them. Luxembourg is rapidly growing as a channel for Chinese financing and investments flowing into the European Union, for example, and it's also keen to be seen as a center of Islamic finance. Global 3000 reports on the new Luxembourg. Global Snack: Peruvian-style Potato - Peru's number one vegetable is the potato. In the city of Cusco, Nelli Quisbe-Quisbe makes a delicious potato soup called sopa de moraya. Laos: Saving The Elephants - Laos used to be known as the land of a million elephants - today, it's home to barely a thousand, half of which are used as labor. One NGO has made it its mission to start a new era for the conservation of the Asian elephant. The "Elephant Conservation Center" in the remote province of Sayaboury is staffed with an international team of elephant vets and offers free veterinary care services, an emergency unit, a breeding center, a mahout vocational center and the most extensive elephant information center in the country. Australia: Where Refugees are Not Welcome - The Australian government recently sparked criticism with a controversial anti-immigration ad, aimed at discouraging asylum seekers from traveling to the country illegally. Moreover, Australia and Cambodia signed a $40 million deal that will see an unknown number of refugees currently housed in Australia's offshore detention centers resettled in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation.