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01/14/2016 - 4:30pm - 4:59pm
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Environmental protection in Myanmar and young global leader Katarzyna Pisarska are featured.
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Environmental Protection in Myanmar - For years environmental protection in Myanmar fell under the jurisdiction of the military regime. Gradual democratic reform in the country has seen a change in strategy. The government in Rangoon is now allowing NGOs to come in and work with local populations to protect their environment. One example is Lake Indawgyi, one of the largest inland lakes in Southeast Asia and a key ecosystem in the region. The NGO Fauna and Flora International is working with local residents to preserve the lake's natural beauty. Young Global Leaders: Katarzyna Pisarska - Europe's hopes for a continent of unity, democracy and peace have been undermined by Vladimir Putin's undeclared war in Ukraine. The Russian President's annexation of Crimea fostered fears across the continent of a wider war. Katarzyna Pisarska says self-doubt within the European Union prepared the ground for the conflict in Ukraine. She's been a member of the network of Young Global Leaders since 2014. Global Livingroom: Mexico - The French artist Eric Masse has been living in Mexico City for 20 years. His living room also functions as his studio: it's where he eats, sleeps and works. Greenland: The Call of the Shaman - Increasing numbers of people from western, developed countries have joined the search for answers to life's big questions. The esoteric market has become more than a niche, it's booming. In Germany alone it generates an estimated 25 million euros a year. We accompany a shaman in Greenland leading a group on a quest for spiritual awakening. We ask the participants why they came, and whether they got what they paid for. Millennium Teen: Angel Estico from the Seychelles - Angel Estico lives in Beauvallon, a small town in the north of the Seychelles. Much of his days are spent on the beach, where he often plays football with friends. He says his family is the thing that gives him the greatest happiness in life, and he's particularly proud of his two sisters.