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04/16/2015 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Recruits to the Holy War in Tunisia and the Mystique of Easter Island are discussed.
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Tunisia - Recruits to the Holy War - In the last 4 years, over 3,000 Tunisians have joined the so-called Holy War - more than from any other country. The government doesn't know what to do, other than closing a few mosques. But these jihadists will at some point return home, and concerns about national security are growing. Chile: The Mystique of Easter Island - The annual Tapati festival on Easter Island is an opportunity for the Rapa Nui inhabitants to honor their culture, both past and present. They're waging an ongoing battle for independence from Chile to protect their land and traditions. For locals, the annual Tapati festival is a celebration of Polynesian traditions, while for tourists, it's just one of the Easter Island's many attractions. Although the tourist industry there is thriving, there is widespread discontent amongst the island's Rapa Nui inhabitants. They see themselves as Polynesian rather than South American and are seeking independence from Chile. Global Shaper: Making Ho Chi Minh City More Beautiful - Vietnam has a communist government but a capitalist economy. Young people in Ho Chi Minh City are embracing social entrepreneurship with a project called "Saigon Makeover." Initiated by Elaine Phuong Nguyen with the help of other Vietnamese Global Shapers, it's a design competition that gives locals a chance to share their creative vision of how the city can be beautified. Mexico: Conservation in the Gulf of California - The Gulf of California is home to unique marine biodiversity, from a wide range of fish species to whales. The region of western Mexico contains 18 national parks, many of which were set up in response to public concerns about industrial fishing. In the last 20 years the region has evolved into a hub of exemplary environmental protection and biodiversity is flourishing.