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06/13/2014 - 6:00pm - 6:29pm
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In China, agencies set up to organize birthing tourism in America are doing a booming business.
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USA: birthing tourism The US is still seen by many as a land of opportunity - and for many, an American passport is a prized possession. Anyone born on American soil is automatically a US citizen. That's why a growing number of mothers-to-be from overseas are opting to give birth in the US. In China, agencies set up to organize these trips are doing a booming business. Biodiversity: why it matters - Planet Earth is home to about 14 million species of animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms. But do they all serve a purpose? Experts estimate that some 130 species die out every day. What do we stand to lose? Mozambique: from the mosquito to the elephant - We head to Mozambique to see why it's worth starting small. Insects might be at the bottom of the food chain - with mammals at the top - but they're still a crucial part of it. In the Gorongosa National Park, international scientists are cataloguing the local ecosystem from mosquitoes to elephants, and compiling a who's who of indigenous species. The goal is to repopulate the park after the devastation caused by the civil war that ended more than 20 years ago. Global Snack Mexico: the quesadilla - We sample a popular spicy snack from southern Mexico. The classic quesadilla is a corn tortilla with a cheese filling. But it can also come with meat or mushrooms. Afghan: women get busy - The Afghan presidential election is underway, and there's hope in the air. The economy will only get back on its feet once stability has returned to the war-torn country, but setting up businesses is still fraught with risk. Nonetheless, an increasing number of women are rising to the challenge. We meet two female entrepreneurs in the tourism and agricultural sectors.