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09/07/2013 - 12:30pm - 12:59pm
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The impact of Employment Opportunity Commission regulations on age discrimination laws is discussed.
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Guests: R. Scott Oswald, Managing Partner of the Employment Law Group; James Urban, Partner at the Jones Day Law Firm Office; Sandy Gross, Founder and Managing Partner of Pinetum Partners LLC. In today's struggling economy, it is not unusual to find prospective workers who have been unemployed for a few months. Some companies, however, are practicing what many believe to be a new form of discrimination by not allowing currently unemployed workers to apply for job openings. This has become a particularly worrisome trend for older workers. We take a look at new Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations and their overall impact on age discrimination laws. Joining us for a panel discussion are Scott Oswald and James Urban, two lawyers who testified on the opposite side of the EEOC's age discrimination hearing. Also joining us is Sandy Gross, a veteran job recruiter who speaks with Lark McCarthy regarding her dealings with companies and older job applicants.