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11/10/2013 - 8:30pm - 8:59pm
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Seniors are being targeted by predatory scammers whose goal is to drain their victim's savings.
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Guests: Dan Rather, Newsman and Host of "Dan Rather Reports"; Steve Baker, Midwest Regional Director at the Federal Trade Commission; Dr. Sandra Crewe, Professor of Social Work, Howard University. Sadly, it has become an all-too common occurrence for seniors to be targeted by predatory scammers whose goal is to drain their victim's savings. One such scam has resorted to emotional and verbal abuse, as well as flat-out harassment, in the hopes of swindling the lonely and gullible. The Jamaican Lottery Scam is thought to be responsible for duping tens of thousands of American seniors who believe they are paying "processing fees and taxes" on their way to collecting lottery winnings. Those "fees and taxes" they're paying out? They're going directly into the pockets of fraudsters, who are bilking seniors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. This despicable con caught the attention of legendary newsman Dan Rather, who took to Jamaica to learn more. Joining us at our studio to discuss his involvement and the investigation in Jamaica is storied news reporter Dan Rather. We also get the frightening numbers when it comes to this scam from expert and FTC Regional Director, Steve Baker. Dr. Sandra Crewe, a Professor of Social Work at Howard University, shares with Lark the long-term financial and emotional toll that comes from this heinous scam. Segment 3: Generations Survey.