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12/08/2013 - 8:30pm - 8:59pm
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Filmmakers David Shenk and Megan Mylan discuss their "Living With Alzheimer's" documentary series.
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Guests: David Shenk, Author, Executive Producer of series "Living With Alzheimer's"; Megan Mylan, Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker, Director "My Little Friends"; Libby Embry, Alzheimer's Patient, Alzheimer's Association. Every 68 seconds a person develops Alzheimer's disease in America. The epidemic has rightfully jumped to the forefront of public discussion and awareness. However, when one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's the immediate reaction is one of a death sentence. It's time to change that perception and remember to live. On this special episode of Inside E Street, we are joined by filmmakers David Shenk and Megan Mylan. Mr. Shenk is the executive producer of, "Living with Alzheimer's," a four part documentary series that tackles an issue that is relevant to most Americans. Ms. Mylan, an Academy Award-Winning filmmaker, directed, "My Little Friends," an installment of the series which highlights Alzheimer's patients who volunteer at a daycare facility. Our guests share their belief in helping victims understand that there is a fulfilling life after diagnosis. Also joining us is Libby Embry, who was once an Alzheimer's caretaker for her father and was recently diagnosed herself with early on-set Alzheimer's. Ms. Embry documents her fight with Alzheimer's, she calls it "Big Al," and tells us about her refusal to let the disease win. Segment 3: Music for Memory.