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05/25/2014 - 8:00pm - 8:29pm
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Jonathan heads to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to film one of the world's fastest fish-the sailfish!
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Sailfish - Jonathan heads down to the Riviera Maya in Mexico on an expedition to film one of the world's fastest fish-the sailfish! He gets in the water with a school of sailfish zooming around hunting sardines. In addition to having huge dorsal fins giving them their name, the sailfish also have long pointy bills like spears they use to catch their prey. Jonathan dodges the bills while filming the action! Potato Cod - In Queensland Australia, Jonathan visits a dive site famous for Potato Cod, a type of grouper that grows to several hundred pounds. Although these fish are endangered, at this site they are protected and divers have been swimming with them for many years. Jonathan meets a gigantic Potato Cod up close. Diver Ed - In Bar Harbor, Maine, Jonathan spends a day diving with his friend Diver Ed on his boat the Starfish Enterprise. Diver Ed and his wife Captain Evil take people on a virtual dive with a video camera attached by a long cable to a TV monitor on his boat. Their ocean explorations are famous around New England, and when Jonathan joins the crew for a day, the guests are in for a good time!