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07/09/2014 - 9:00pm - 9:59pm
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A West Virginia Military Police battalion is followed as it helps to transform the Iraqi police.
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The last and possibly most important mission for the United States military before it departs Iraq is to establish stability and promote the rule of law. In The Last Mission: Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq, West Virginia Public Broadcasting producer Chip Hitchcock follows a West Virginia Military Police battalion as it helps to transform the Iraqi police from a force that once served a brutal dictator into one that serves the people and the law. Will eight years of war, more than $700 billion, the sacrifice of thousands of lives and the work of more than a million Americans create a stable democracy in Iraq? Hitchcock (Bridgeport to Baghdad) investigates these questions in his latest documentary, taped while he was embedded with the West Virginia National Guard's 151st Military Police Battalion. The unit was in charge of advising and training Iraqi police officers in Iraq's largest province last year. The "Advise and Assist" process is the primary mission for almost all American troops as they prepare the Iraqi Army and Police to fully take over their country's security when the American military leaves at the end of 2011.