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09/24/2015 - 8:00am - 8:59am
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An ADA-compliant threshold is created in the shower and the automatic door technology is discussed.
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Richard meets HFOT project manager Mike Duckett at the jobsite to understand some of the 150 requirements implemented on ADA-approved and Energy Star-rated homes. He travels to a plumbing manufacturer to see the technology behind touchless faucets and toilets. At the house, Mike shows Norm how tile contractor Steve Collette is using a beveled piece of marble to create an ADA-compliant threshold in the shower. Then they check out the technology behind the automatic door opener being used on many of the doors in the house. On ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, Electrician Scott Caron helps a homeowner install an electric vehicle charger next to his house. Richard helps a homeowner install a new kitchen sink.