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11/25/2013 - 4:30am - 4:59am
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Buster heads to Chile where he takes a trip to a rodeo and fossil hunts in the Andes Mountains.
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After watching Daredevil Dario zip line though the Andes Mountains on TV, Buster is stoked to be heading to Chile. But when Muffy connects him to her friend Carolina, who wrote a book about saving dolphins from an oil spill in the Amazon, Buster's nervous that he's not daring enough to keep up with the locals. His nervousness increases throughout his own adventures - including a whirlwind journey in and around Santiago, a trip to a rodeo, followed by a horseback excursion to "cascadas", fossil hunting in the Andes Mountains and a kayaking trip to see penguins - he's just not sure he's lived up to Carolina's expectations. But when Carolina takes him to her favorite place of all - the poet Pablo Neruda's house - Buster realizes that the best adventure has been exploring what makes Chile unique and he writes his own Ode to Chile. Educational Objectives: (1) Exploring Chilean culture in an in-depth and authentic way and (2) taking a broad, multi-dimensional approach to social studies.