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05/10/2016 - 10:00pm - 10:59pm
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A group of Sudanese-American girls create a large quilt with local women in Grand Island, Nebraska.
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THE QUILTED CONSCIENCE documents the beautiful and important story of a group of sixteen Sudanese-American girls - refugees from the genocide in their troubled homeland - who are thrust into a new life in Grand Island, Nebraska. It's a story of a quilters' guild of local white women, some of whom have had little previous contact with ethnic or racial minorities. It's a story of a famed African-American quilt maker who travels a thousand miles to help "stitch" the groups together by means of a culture-blend fabric-art project. Finally, it's a story about the making of a lovely wall-sized mural, composed of dozens of dramatic "Dreams & Memories" story panels created by the Sudanese girls with the help of the local women.