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10/06/2013 - 5:30am - 5:59am
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Topics include the Supreme Court and Legislative Prayer and Pakistan's Polio campaign.
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The Supreme Court and Legislative Prayer - As the U.S. Supreme Court starts its new term, one of the cases it will hear concerns the constitutionality of prayers opening public government meetings. As Tim O'Brien reports, although chaplains may offer invocations at the opening of legislative sessions, a Federal appeals court has ruled that the prayers that have opened the meetings of the Greece, New York town board violate the law because one type of prayer - in this case, overtly Christian - dominates all others. How the Court rules could determine the boundaries of separation between church and state. Pakistan Polio Campaign - Polio, a scourge that once killed millions around the world has been all but wiped out because of the polio vaccine. But in three countries, including Pakistan, it remains endemic. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Karachi Pakistan on that nation's efforts, with the help of Muslim imams and other leaders, to convince its public to be vaccinated and that vaccine programs are not spy operations or other kinds of plots and are encouraged by and consistent with Islam. Reaction to Pope Francis - The widespread adulation of Pope Francis is assessed by a panel of expert observers for an overflow crowd at Georgetown University. Six months since his election, the panel discusses what has been the influence of Francis on U.S. Catholics and the U.S. government?