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11/16/2014 - 10:30am - 10:59am
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New Muslim Initiatives Against Extremism - As ISIS, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups ramp up their recruiting efforts in the West, many Islamic organizations in the US are launching new initiatives aimed at preventing radicalization. They say while the number of Americans Muslims seeking to commit acts of terror is small, the issue must be addressed. Kim Lawton looks at some of the new efforts, as well as some of the controversy that surrounds them. Louisiana Southern Baptists Save a Nova Scotia Church - In rural Nova Scotia a dwindling Anglican congregation had to sell its 200 year old building. In deep South Louisiana, a thriving Southern Baptist congregation needed a sanctuary. So, as David Tereshchuk reports, the Baptists discovered and bought the Nova Scotia Anglican building, took it apart and trucked it 2000 miles to Cajun country, where they are methodically putting it back together, piece by numbered piece -- a new kind of Acadian immigration.