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01/11/2015 - 10:30am - 10:59am
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Topics include social media ethics and interfaith families raising kids in two faiths.
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Social Media Ethics - Should social media intentionally make users happy or sad? Last year, when Facebook and others conducted experiments to see if they could affect users' emotions, there was an outcry from people charging that such manipulation was unethical. Lucky Severson reports on the controversy, which extended to attempts to affect choices about voting and dating. Has online technology developed faster than the ethics of how to use it? Raising Kids in Two Faiths - In recent years some interfaith families have decided to raise their children in two faiths. Betty Rollin profiles the Interfaith Community in New York and asks kids about being raised both Jewish and Christian, and whether they will choose one religion later on. Orthodox Epiphany - Some Christian traditions celebrated Christmas this past week. On January 6th and the following Sunday, many other Christians celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, which marks the revelation of Jesus. For Western churches, the holiday tends to focus on the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus. But in Eastern Orthodox Churches, Epiphany or Theophany, focuses on Jesus' baptism. Kim Lawton looks at Orthodox celebrations.